Spring Your Style Game Forward

Oh, the “Spring Forward” part of daylight savings time. Some people love it, but I am NOT one of them. That one hour just wrecks me for a few days after the change. But what I do love is that the spring season is just around the corner. Living in Colorado, this has been a cold and snowy winter for me, and I am looking forward to the warmer weather and the style changes that I can incorporate into my wardrobe.


Comfort meets Style


There is a nice subtle wave happening in fashion right now that feels exciting. We have been on the “athleisure” train for a while now where clothes became really comfortable and relaxed, giving sweatpants their time in the spotlight during the bold new work-from-home era. Thankfully, sweats aren’t going away, but there is a new style wave rolling in, which I’ll call “Casual Dress” for our purposes.


 "Casual Dress"


Brands and people everywhere want to look nice and dress up again, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or take on the outdated styles that have plagued formal wear for decades. Chinos have always been in style, but now they’re becoming baggier, yet tailored. Comfort with an evolved and modern style. I am really digging what the Alex Mill brand is doing right now. Their styles feel fresh but familiar – evolving in just the right way.


The Modern Chino


So what about the laces? I am still a big proponent of the “devil is in the details” way of thinking: the belt, the watch, and most importantly, the shoelaces. The lace is the last detail to really personalize your outfit and make a subtle statement. Matching your laces to your shirt or making them a small pop of accent color can really be the icing on the cake for the perfectly unique and “you” outfit. Throw a pair of Navy & White Striped Dress Laces in a pair of blue Oxfords to match. Lace up a pair of Purple & White Ticked Dress Laces to pop against the neutrals in an outfit heavy in black and gray. Throw a pair of Olive Green All Pro Laces in a pair of white leather sneakers.


 Olive Green All Pros in White Nike Blazers 


Spring your style forward this Spring Forward and shake up how you approach your daily style. It’s a new season of life, embrace the vibrancy! Embrace the change! That’s what I’ve been telling myself in the mirror since this time change, anyways…

Lace on,

Mike Gossett,

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Whiskers Laces