Fall is in full swing and those traditional autumnal shades are all the rage right now. It’s time to rock those darker shades as the trees start to drop their leaves and the days start to shorten. As one of our all-time favorites and the perfect color to go with your fall attire, this month’s Color Of The Month is (drumroll please…) Garnet!

Garnet, AKA burgundy, is a nice mix between red and purple. Garnet is often associated with power and fame, taking on a more sophisticated look. Think “I’m Ron Burgundy?”, and channel your inner leather-bound book-owning, mahogany-smelling, “kind of a big deal” attitude with some garnet in your wardrobe. One step up from Tiger Wood’s iconic red, garnet is the shade of red that dominates all others. If you’re looking to totally own the day, lace up some garnet and step into the day with some confidence. 

Another great aspect of the garnet color is its sheer versatility of it, and the ability to work it into almost any outfit. Because of its darker tone, garnet goes well with a multitude of colors, especially earth tones and mid tones. From your basic blues to khaki and olive green, garnet can work its way into any color scheme. It looks just as good in a pair of oxfords as it does in your favorite boots, and to give it an extra pop of color, toss this color in a pair of white or gray sneakers and behold the power of garnet.

Check out some of our favorite ways to utilize garnet in your wardrobe below, and shop our Color Of The Month Collection here!