Whiskers Shoelaces

Fill Your Boring Shoe Holes

Endless styles, endless expression.

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Mix and match or choose from our
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Fiver Boxes

Let’s be real, you’ll probably want more than just one pair of Whiskers. We got you covered. And laced. Introducing Fiver Boxes; get 5 laces for the price of 4. BAM!

Whiskers Fiver Box
Whiskers Fiver Box

  • Free & easy returms

    Free & easy returms

  • Premium & durable

    Premium & durable

  • Quick shipping

    Quick shipping

  • 6 lengths, 100+ styles

    6 lengths, 100+ styles

Our Laces

Whiskers are colored shoelaces with premium aglets. And they could beat your basic laces up anyday. They come wrapped around a wooden spool because they'll try to take over your dresser otherwise.

Whiskers Laces
Whiskers Laces

Customer Favorites

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Here's some of our customers' favorite pairs to get those baby steps out of the way.

Whiskers Crimson & White Shoe Lace on Brown Shoe