Laces You Can’t Not Notice.

Whiskers help animals see in the dark. Who knew? We’re here to help you see in the dark. Metaphorically, though. Not literally. These are shoelaces, not night vision goggles, my friend.

Whiskers Lookbook Art Shot

Your shoes,
less boring

If shoes were animals, they would never reproduce and further their own species. They have no distinguishing marks to catch a suitor’s eye. Luckily for us all, Whiskers exist.

Give yourself
a lacelift

Whiskers Laces Artshot With Pink Skull

Colorful laces won’t change your life. But they will change your shoes. And let’s be honest, you gotta start somewhere.

Lace game so strong it
might hurt your feet

Whiskers Laces Artshot of 3-d printed dinosaur and solid yellow laces

Consult your doctor before using. Because your doctor would probably really like these too. And then just imagine how much more pleasant a trip to the doctor would be.

Kick Your Feet Up

Ready to change your shoes’ lives forever? Then stop reading this and click the button.

Whiskers Laces
Whiskers Laces
Whiskers Laces
Whiskers Laces