OK, maybe I’m being dramatic here… but hear me out. I have an idea. Like most of you, I have a closet full of shoes. When you first buy a pair of shoes, it’s just so exciting. There’s no other way to put it. They’re new. They’re fresh. Maybe they’ll make you run faster. You want to wear them around the house. But how do you feel about those shoes after 6 months, 9 months, or a year? You still like the shoes, but they now feel a little tired. Maybe they’re just a little dirtier or maybe it’s just the monotony of wearing that same shoe with the same look for all that time. I think Whiskers has a solution.

One of the biggest “Aha!” moments of starting this little shoelace company was when I discovered how new a new pair of laces gave my old shoes new life. By swapping out the shoelaces I suddenly had a “new” shoe. It was still the same shoe I loved, but that little pop of color gave it new life. A little magic in those new laces gave my shoes a new look and feel – almost that same feeling I had when I bought them. I then started swapping out the laces based on my total outfit. I matched them to my shirt, or if I was wearing neutrals, I went for a fun extra pop of color. I stopped looking for new shoes and began to enjoy all of the shoes I already had in my closet, exploring every possibility my new laces created with those shoes.

When we look at our planet and how we can treat her better, one of the big factors that drives waste is consumerism. The argument is out there that we are just buying way too much stuff. Sometimes we buy a new pair of shoes just because we are bored, or because we need to freshen up our wardrobe. So instead of buying more shoes, buy some laces. A fresh new pair of colorful shoelaces will bring new energy and look to any shoe in your closet.

It’s a chance to customize your outfit a little more. It's a chance to keep your current herd of shoes in rotation for a while longer. Have a power meeting for work? Wear your Black/White braided laces in your oxfords. The Avalanche are on their way to winning the Stanley Cup? Wear the Garnet/Light Blue flat tick in your sneakers. It takes a minute or two to swap out your laces, but they really do change the look of any shoes and how they can add to your outfit.


More importantly, the environmental impact of a new pair of shoelaces (Whiskers in particular) is significantly less than a new pair of shoes – and that significance is important. If you’re someone who intentionally shops sustainably, those are the decisions that matter. Now I’m not saying to stop buying shoes. But with a collection of laces, you can lessen the frequency of buying shoes and get more life out of your current shoes. It's a small act that benefits both the planet and your style. Plus, Whiskers Laces are sustainably made of recycled materials right here in the USA. Let’s lace up and cut back on waste at the same time, Whiskers Fam!

Learn more about shopping sustainably and our sustainability practices here.



Lace On,

Mike Gossett

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Whiskers Laces