Did you know that the guy who invented Earth Day (Senator Gaylord Nelson), named the holiday “Earth Day” because his birthday was April 22nd, and Earth Day rhymes with “birthday”? True story. Well hats off to you, Mr. Nelson, Happy Earth Day Birthday ya big crazy.

On a more cereal note: Earth Day is an ever-important holiday that reminds us every year to take care of this fragile planet we call home. But more than that, it should be a day that motivates each of us to create goals for ourselves on how we’ll live a more sustainable existence in the years to come.


Recently we were doing just that – taking inventory of our sustainability and setting goals – and we got turned on to a really amazing business that we’d like to share with you all. Their name is Ethicli, and they’re a browser plug-in that allows you to see data-driven ethical scores of companies as you shop online – all in real-time. From everything like environmental impact, to social impact, to animal rights relations, each company is given a score based on their ethical practices, helping you to make ethical and sustainable choices as you shop for everything online. Everything you purchase has some impact on this planet, the question is, how much? With Ethicli, you can make your shopping choices based on that impact and sleep better at night knowing Ol’ Mother Nature approves of your shopping (legal note: Ethicli is not actually endorsed by Mother Nature since she is a mythical being).

Since our founding, we’ve strived to carry our values as people into what we do as a business, putting ethics and sustainability first in every decision. Everything we make, from the little things to our main offerings, is all made from recycled and sustainable products. Our spools come from an old American sustainable birch farm in Maine, all polyester in our laces and socks comes from recycled plastic bottles, and all of our boxes are made from recycled cardboard – please recycle them! Check out our Spool Recycling Program to learn how you can trade your unused spools for cash credit on our site. Pretty cool, right? As good as it feels to get to this sustainable place with our product, there’s always room for improvement.

We’re not going to lie, when we found Ethicli, it felt pretty freakin’ cool to see that our score is a 9.3/10! But hey, that means there’s 0.7 left for improvement there – and we’re sure-as-shoe-shine going to set some new goals and see if we can get that coveted 10 spot. 

So have a happy and nature-loving Earth Day Whiskers fam, and if you’re looking for an easy place to start helping you shop more sustainably, check out our friends at Ethicli. They’re doing something truly amazing. Lace on!