Hey Whiskers fam! Your favorite shoestring company here – publishing another thing about how to transform any pair of shoes into something special. Whether they’re an old favorite pair of shoes collecting dust in your closet, or an old seemingly “worn out” pair at the nearest secondhand shop, with a little bit of love and a pair of Whiskers, you can breathe life into them and their shoe holes. Just think “Extreme Home Makeover”, but replace the house with shoes – and all those people and power tools for you and some shoelaces.


Whether you can’t justify paying for overpriced dress shoes because you’re scarred from 2020 or you have a pair of worn out shoes at home you’d like to revamp… this post is for you.

You may be spring cleaning and getting rid of old odd and ends around the house. We on the other hand welcome everyone’s leftovers. Turning someone else’s disregarded shoes in your favorite pair in the closet is our specialty. It’s simple, cheap, and best of all, nice on the old gal Mother Nature. 

First thing first, find a secondhand shop (the weirder the better) near you or go digging through your closet. Now find some stinky, old shoes. Well maybe not stinky, because we’re not totally sure how to help you with that yet... but find some good, worn-out looking ones that need some love. After you’ve picked a perfect candidate, let’s shine them up. There are many companies that sell great shoe shining kits and polishes, but we decided to go to our local Walmart and grab the Kiwi Leather Care Kit that had all the essentials for just under $12. We cleaned off the shoes with a damp paper towel, shined them with some polish, and brushed off any excess. The shoes already look completely transformed, but they’re missing the most important part… Whiskers. Take a nice deep dive into that ever-growing collection we know you have at home, and lace ‘em up with your favorite pair! We went with our Limited Edition Lavender & Mint Braided Dress Laces, but any Whiskers are guaranteed to look great!

In our own personal and humble opinion, the shoes look phenomenal and the laces add that perfect pop, making them even more unique. 2021 is the year of fresh starts and second chances, so do your shoes a favor and let them join the fun. Lace on!


Check out our first vlog-venture to our local secondhand shop and transforming a $5.99 pair of shoes into a pair of good-as-new, shiny kicks!