Before the year that will live in infamy, 2020, we were already redefining the concept of business casual. But after two years of working in our sweatpants, what does that even mean anymore? Like the interview scene in Talladega Nights, “I’m not sure what to do with my work clothes..”

Ricky Bobby

As we exit our caves and re-enter the new and improved workplace, it’s time we re-invent what exactly business casual looks like. And you guessed it – it involves shoelaces. So buckle up, we’ve got your back on dressing up for work while wearing your favorite sneakers – because we are NOT sacrificing the comfort we’ve achieved in the past couple of years.

Here’s the gist of it: you should still look great while maintaining a solid level of your favorite style. If you’re a daily dress shoe-loving person, go for it! More power to you. But even more now than ever, you can still dress for success and be comfortable and casual. For those looking to dress up their sneakers in the workplace, what follows is a quick and easy guide to re-inventing business casual.




A nice leather sneaker now qualifies as business casual, and we couldn’t be happier about it. So when it comes to leather sneakers in the workplace, here’s one simple rule: don’t overcomplicate it. The simpler the better. There are 3 core sneakers you could go for, depending on your work environment and preference. Here they are with my brand/style choices:


White Leather Sneaker: Adidas Stan Smith, Veja V10, On The Roger

Black Leather Sneaker: Cole Haan, Thursday Boot Co., Olukai

Brown Leather Sneaker: Cole Haan, Thursday Boot Co., Olukai, Greats

You’ll notice I listed a few of the brands more than once, and that’s because they make some great styles in multiple colors. Give ‘em a browse and find your favorites to match your style!


All three of the colors above look great with denim or chinos. Pick your denim and chino colors to either nicely contrast the shoes or match them perfectly, and nothing in between. You never want color shades that are just a bit off of one another with your shoes and pants.

Now the fun begins, as you customize and add a pop of color with Whiskers Laces. With our assortment of laces you can keep them as simple details or dial them up with a pop of fun color. It’s all based on where you work, your personality, and what outfits you like to wear. We love how a simple Navy lace can elevate a sneaker or how adding a Tangerine lace gives that punch of color. No wrong choices!

Here are some simple basics that go with multiple outfits, but give that perfect amount of detail:


Here we have the Veja V10 with the Charcoal All Pros, and the Navy/Light Blue Flat Ticked Laces. Both of these colors are clean and simple but add a great bit of detail. They also go with almost everything, so you can plug and play here. I love putting two basic colors together like white and charcoal and seeing how well they elevate each other. So cool.


In the black Great Sneakers we have the Garnet All Pros and the Light Blue/ Black Flat Ticked Laces. Again, both are clean and simple but go with a variety of outfits. The Garnet is rich and stylish, while the light blue adds a very wearable pop of color.


The Dark Brown Cole Haan looks amazing in the Hunter Green All Pros and the Garnet/Light Blue Flat Ticked Laces. I really love the Hunter Green in these shoes. Hunter Green is one of the hottest colors this year, and we’re seeing it everywhere. The Garnet/Light Blue gives the Cole Haans a subtle yet powerful upgrade, and will goe with just about any outfit.


If you are open to making a statement and having some fun, we have a TON of options. I love how the Tangerine All Pros turn the Vejas into a summer shoe. Pair this with a floral print or a white t-shirt and you’re livin’.


The Electric Green Lace in the black Greats is one of my favorites. The punch of color is fun and bright but still very stylish. Greens of any kind are in a resurgence this year, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone here.


“You’re my boy, Blue!!!” Yes, that’s two Will Ferrell references in one blog. I’d say I’m sorry but I’d be lying. For guys rocking these shoes, you literally can never go wrong with blue. Every guy has blue in their wardrobe and it just works. These Neon Blue All Pros give a great color pop and look great while they do it.


I’m going to stop myself here for your sake because I could do this for hours. I might have a problem. But here’s one more thought for the adventurous. Our 48” round Boot Laces also fit in your favorite sneakers. So if you’re up for some experimenting, I highly recommend trying some of these laces in your sneakers (or golf shoes). As you can see, the variety of colors here really goes a long way in any pair of leather sneakers. Find what brings out your personal style and let ‘er rip.

I hope this helps you re-navigate the workplace environment in style and changes your business casual game altogether. Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to try some new colors. We have options to keep your outfits on point all year long. Lace on!



Mike Gossett

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer