Welcome to our newest style-inspired, stream-of-consciousness, seasonal Color Of The Month. Every month, we’ll be laying out this year’s hottest colors, how to incorporate them into your seasonal outfits, and of course, our favorite laces to add that finishing touch to your perfect seasonal outfits. Without any further ado, here’s Mike with September’s Color Of The Month!




We all have our favorite colors in our closet rotation. For me (and a TON of others), it’s blue. But to keep your style fresh and unique, it’s important to push yourself every now and then; to try new colors, find new ways to match different pieces in your closet and stay with the seasons. I know this can seem a bit daunting, but fear not – I’m here to help.

Basically, all consumer goods companies (think clothing for our purposes) use a few reliable forecasting companies that predict what the next trending colors will look like, spanning a couple of years in advance. That’s why every year when you hit multiple stores, you see almost everything in the same few colors, from furniture to clothes, and even cars. Based on the “must-have” colors for Fall 2022, I’ve curated our September Color Of The Month, which should help you on your way to perfect outfits this fall.

This September’s Color Of The Month is (drumroll please…) Dark Green! The color green represents rebirth and renewal, which let’s be honest, after the past couple of years, I’m sure we can all appreciate. The trending greens right now are deep, dark spruce tones like Olive Green, Hunter Green, Sage Green, and Army Green. I can all but guarantee that you’ll be seeing lots of these colors from your favorite clothing brands in the coming months. I would recommend adding some dark green pieces to your closet, from anything like t-shirts to pants and jackets. Dark green laces are a perfect way to mix it up and compliment these pieces. Even if you want to add in more traditional colors like dark oranges, yellows, dark reds, and khaki, dark green laces are an excellent accent piece when used right. These greens are going to be really hot this year, and are versatile enough to mix into your entire wardrobe.

So here’s your non-mandatory style challenge this fall: try these greens in your outfits and footwear. Send us some pics of how you’re rocking them and maybe someone will get a special shoelace surprise from us :).

Check out some of our favorite Dark Green Lace styles below!

Lace on,

Mike Gossett

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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Our Favorite Dark Green Styles For September:

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