Hey, everyone! Mike here with your annual holiday helper gift guide. With our current assortment, Whiskers has just the right gift for everyone on your list. The best thing about buying somebody a little spool full of colorful laces is that it's typically totally unexpected. They're gifts that will surprise and delight. Every year, without fail, we get emails about how the husband/wife/son/brother/mom who is SO hard to shop for loves their new laces. So without further ado, on to our guide, and getting you that perfect unexpected gift. Here's to everyone winning at gift-giving this holiday season!




I love the holidays. I love getting presents – who doesn’t – but I love to give presents. I learned all about gift giving from my mom. She is one of the best give givers ever (no offense to your moms out there). She really listens throughout the year to what you need and want. Like a CIA Operative, she gleans information to buy thoughtful gifts. It’s an amazing skill. Some of you may freeze up when it comes to gift giving, so I am here to help with the skills I learned from my gift-giving-extraordinaire mom. Let's get started!


The Hubby

Speaking from decades of experience, guys are simple. In terms of fashion, most guys love to be shown what to wear. Getting him shoelaces is the perfect detail that adds a little flair without it being too much – and we have plenty of options. There are three laces I would recommend, based on what he wears most regularly. If he wears dress shoes to work, I would look at the Garnet/Gold/Black Braided Dress Lace. You can also pair this up with the Garnet/Black/Gold Striped Sock for a winning combo. If sneakers are more his thing, check out the Navy/Light Blue Flat Ticked Sneaker Lace with the Solid Navy Sock. If he's a boot guy, there is a great Red & Black Boot Lace that looks amazing in all boots. You can also look at color combinations of his favorite college or pro teams here.



Happy Wife, Happy Life

For the married folk out there, this is hands down the most important person this holiday season. She does so much and she will see a pair of laces as a thoughtful, creative gift. If you don’t know her favorite color, you should (and can figure out without asking). Go into her closet and see what colors are most popular – try to think what colors she wears the most often. For the laces, I would focus on her sneakers. She probably has a pair of running shoes or a white leather sneaker. For the running shoes, you could have some fun with the Neon Pink & Red Flat Ticked or the Lavender & Electric Green Flat Ticked. 45 inches is length you want for both of these sneaker styles. For a white leather sneaker, look at the All Pro Laces. These are tried and true athletic laces that comes in 41 colors. A couple of my favorites for the wife would be the Pink/Light Blue Flat Tick, Purple All-Pro, and the Turquoise All Pro. Again, the 45” length should treat you just right.



The Young Buck

If one of your challenges is a boy in the middle school to college age group, we have you covered. Its all about sneakers, sneakers, sneakers right now. First step would be to look at his school colors or favorite sports team colors. For instance, if you have a Chicago Bulls fan get him the Red/Black Ticked Lace with a pair of our Solid White Socks. You can never go wrong with the All Pro laces in a basic solid like the Royal Blue All Pro or Navy All Pro. The biggest intelligence you need is to find out their favorite sports team and and take it from there. The guys love white crew socks so our solid white socks will pair with any lace color and makes it a great combo.





If you have a middle school to college aged girl-stylish person on your list, we've got you covered. Chances are, they're wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s or Nike Blazers in solid white. This is great for you, because those are the perfect shoes for a pair of laces. Muted solids have been on trend for this demographic, so you can’t go wrong with the Tangerine All Pro, the Mint Green All Pro, and the Lavender All Pro.



The Pickle Pro

Pickle Ball is on an insane growth trend right now, so this is a great gift for those who are living on the pickle ball court or just picking up the game. We like to be loud and proud here so we would look at the Solid Neon Green Athletic Sneaker, Solid Orange Athletic Sneaker or the Solid Red Athletic Sneaker Laces. Check out our entire Pickleball Collection here.



The Golfer

 PGA Tour professionals and caddies, and amateur golfers all over the country are discovering Whiskers and how they can add that next level detail to their golf outfits. For the male golfer, the easiest would be to get the Light Blue & Black Flat Ticked or the Red & Black Flat Ticked Laces. For the female golfer, a usual safe bet is the Pink & Light Blue Flat Ticked or the Lavender & Electric Green Ticked Laces, but as always, feel free to have fun with it! You know the person you're shopping for, so trust your gut and have some fun. You can always get a couple of pairs to have a "safe bet" pair in the mix as well.




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I hope this helps you navigate your gift giving adventure! From the entire team here at Whiskers (and my mom), we wish you and yours a wonderful and happy holiday season.


Mike Gossett,

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Whiskers Laces