Why a Fiver? 

It’s simple: five days in a workweek, one pair of laces for every day. Your coworkers judge you for wearing the same shirt two days in a row...don’t make the same mistake with your laces. Each Fiver offers a unique style to add to any and every wardrobe you could concoct.


Recently, we added Golf Fivers to the team to keep your shoelace game on point when you step on the course. For the guy with a closet full of golf shirts, match your laces with your lucky birdie shirt and assert dominance on the next 18. And yes, we do have Red & Black Golf Laces to channel your early 2000’s Tiger.

If you’re looking to give these packs of goodness as gifts, you can’t go wrong. From the guy who has everything to the guy who is impossible to shop for, these Fivers are the perfect gift for any person in your life with feet.


The Starter Box

Dip those toes in the water. See how it feels. You put thought into the shoes you wear; they deserve laces that do them justice. For the guy who wants to look good but isn’t ready for brighter shoelaces. The Starter Pack’s has you covered with Solid Brown, Solid Black, and more neutral color combos that pair with any everyday outfit. The Solid Blue dress lace goes with any of the dozen blue/navy shirts and pants in that closet of yours. Once the “Nice laces!” compliments start flowing and your feet confidence builds, take that next step to the more colorful styles. Come on in, the water’s fine.


The Nine-To-Fives

Stuck in the 40-hour workweek grind? Find yourself counting the hours until Friday at 5 PM when you can break out of that work attire, throw on your Friday fit, and slam some happy hour beers? We can’t fix all of that, but we’re here to help. Add a little spice of that Friday feelin’ to your every day with this pack of five dress laces curated to be the perfect addition to any work outfit. They’re just loud enough to make a statement, but not so loud they'll get you fired (no promises).


We’ve got all your workday basics covered in here: your navy, your garnets, your black, your khakis, and we even threw some pink ticks in there if you’re feeling especially wild on any given day. Make every day Friday for your feet with this Fiver of absolute winning shoelaces.


The Smurfs

Based on some extensive testing, we’ve discovered unequivocally that people LOVE some blue. In light of these findings, we decided to name this Fiver after the second blue-est things around, right behind the Blue Man Group. Introducing the Smurfs. 


This Fiver has some of our favorite blue’d up laces, mixed together in one perfect pack of smurfness. We’ve got the Blue & White Ticked for the more conservative smurf, as well as the Blue & Light Blue Striped and the Light Blue & White Striped for the stripey smurf in all of us. Finally, the Red, White & Blue Braided and the Blue, Light Blue & Yellow Braided are perfect for all the super salacious smurfs out there (say that five times fast). In short, this Fiver will smurf up your shoes with a smurfload of blues. Someone call Dr. Seuss.


The Lumberghs

Bill Lumbergh may be a micromanager with a non-confrontational approach, but the man’s got style. Suspenders with a belt? You bet. You can’t buy that kind of confidence. Or can you? With this Fiver Box that pays tribute to the king of TPS reports. The Lumberghs are all about that quiet confidence and attention to detail. Did you not get the memo? 


The Celeste, Red & Navy shoelace comes together to make a strong statement without being too aggressive. The Purple & White Ticked lace looks great in either brown or black dress shoes for a day in the office. Maroon & Gold Ticked is just plain classy. When you want to subtly punch it up and steal Milton’s red stapler, bust out the Navy & Red braided. And if you’ve got a big meeting with the Bobs, thread up those Brown & Tan braided laces. M’kay? Greeaaaat.


The Wingers

These iconic striped shoelaces are the bomb. That’s the fact, Jack! Inspired by an absolute 80’s classic, Stripes, these regiment tie laces add the perfect amount of unusual to your everyday uniform. These bold, yet wearable laces will complement any wardrobe Monday through Friday. Mix these color combos up with any color shoes and turn heads in the office as the newest style icon… at least for the first week.


The Noonans

We like to think young Danny Noonan would be all over these Golf Athletic laces as he’s taking Judge Smails to the cleaners on the back 9.


These easy wearing colors all have a nice pop that will stand out on the course. From the classic Sunday leader Red & Black power combo to the Celeste & Navy blues, these combos will step up your shoelace game all the way to the 19th hole. Let’s be honest, it’s all about the stories at the clubhouse bar afterward. “How about a Fresca?”


The Spauldings

Spaulding, get dressed; you’re playing golf. For the golfer who prefers a more classic style, the Spaulding Fiver will make you regular pals with Judge Smails. These classic round laces come in the usual suspects of colors on the course: Blues, Navy’s, Orange, Garnet & Pink. These finishing details will add a little splash of fun to your round, but not too much. If these color combos are too much for you, the world needs ditch diggers too.