New Whiskers owners often ask us how to properly integrate laces into their wardrobes. Here are our favorite ways to get started with Whiskers.

Matching Laces with Socks for the Ultimate Footgame

Remember when there was the "cool sock guy" in the office? The adventurous fashion-forward soul who was willing to test boundaries, unafraid to stand out and display his personality.

Unfortunately, his time is over. Everybody is now the "cool sock guy" with strong "sock game". That doesn't mean socks are a thing of the past, it just means you need a little something extra to stand out and lead the way into the future. Whiskers are the perfect complement to practically any footwear ensemble. Because our laces come in so many colors and patterns, it's easy to match them with your favorite socks.

The choice is yours. Either you can be #72 in the office with "sock game" or you can be the first with "lace game".

Letting the Laces Stand Alone

The simplest way to wear Whiskers is to let the laces do the talking. You don't always have to match your laces with another piece; they can add that pop of color to your outfit all by themselves.

Coordinating with Accents Above the Waistline

Pairing Whiskers with accent items above the waist, like your shirt, tie, pocket square, etc. effortlessly ties your whole look together. These subtle accents liven up your color palette and will make you stand out from any crowd.