Solid Blue Glazed Sneaker Laces


Product Details

  • Flat cotton laces with a proprietary Tuscan Glazed finish for a premium look.
  • Our Tuscan Glazing process provides the laces with water-resistance, and keeps them tied. If you decide not to tie them, the glaze coating keeps them from dangling around like normal cotton laces
  • Durable wrapped aglets to prevent that aglet fray that ruins your day
  • Sold as a pair. C'mon, one lace would just be plain evil!
  • Free & easy returns & exchanges. So no pressure, you got this.

Sustainable Storage Spool

  • We know you’ll be getting more than one pair, and keeping them tidy can get pretty intense. So our pairs of laces come wrapped around their own spool for maximum storage power.
  • Sourced from a sustainable birch farm in Maine.
  • If you're not using your spools, send them back and we'll add a credit to your account for $$ off your next order.

Made in the USA

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • All of our laces are made in North Carolina
  • All of our spools are sourced from a sustainable birch farm in Maine

Sizing Guide