Summer is official here. School is getting out, temps are rising, and our thoughts wander to vacations. BBQs, beaches and swimming pools are a refreshing change of pace. Another refreshing change of pace is the opportunity to switch up your wardrobe for some summertime vibes. Goodbye long sleeves & sweaters, hello t-shirts and shorts. As you transition your fits to fit your summer vibes, it’s also a great time to get some fresh kicks to match.

Last week, I was scrolling the twittersphere when I saw that Nike had brought back a little-known shoe that I’ve always loved. That shoe is the Nike GTS. A new take on a shoe that debuted in 1993, the GTS is an amazing summer shoe that won’t break the bank. The canvas upper is clean and cooler than its leather counterparts with a simple silhouette and understated branding from Nike. I love the tiny swoosh on the quarter panel and heel. Switching from leather to canvas in summer weather is always a great call, and your feet will thank you for it. The White/Navy is a great switch-up from the classic white leather sneaker. Throw your favorite Whiskers Laces in these revamped classics and you’re ready for anything this summer. To get you inspired for this summer’s style, I’ve put together a few looks to get you started. Just like my favorite “Pork 3 Ways” dish at my favorite spot in San Francisco, I give you my chef’s special: The GTS 3 Ways.


LOOK 1: Blue on Blue

Our Navy/Light Blue Flat Ticked Laces are a safe, clean-looking bet with the GTS. These laces just give the perfect amount of added detail that make the shoes pop without being too obnoxious.


LOOK 2: Fun & Festive

Down to have a little fun with it? Try the Peach/Fuchsia Flat Ticked Laces with a nice tropical print shirt and hit a pool party in style. This one actually surprised me how good it looked… so I wouldn’t be afraid to get a second fun pair like these for the weekends.


LOOK 3: Bright & Casual

Another great, casual, summertime look is the Light Blue & Flat Ticked Laces. The light blue goes well with the navy accents on the shoe and your shoes just scream casual summer with these threads in there.


To be frank (I’m Mike by the way, not Frank), this shoe takes almost any color really well and looks amazing. Pardon the cheesy dad joke – I can’t help it sometimes. Ok but seriously, I highly recommend any of our Flat Ticked Laces in these shoes, but our wide selection of All Pro Laces are a great bet as well. A little added bonus with this shoe is that not many people are familiar with it, making you seem like a fashion guru when someone inevitably asks “Wow, what shoes are those?” when they notice these fresh kicks and the colorful Whiskers Laces in there. The GTS is like Michael Keaton’s character in The Other Guys: he’s not the star of the movie, but MAN is he great. At $65 for their core colors, this shoe is a great buy that will get you through the summer. Their “premium” version also features a comfort insole in light denim with a hint of red. I really love all of their colorways here. With this shoe, you can’t go wrong this summer – any way you want to wear it.

Lace on!
Mike Gossett

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer