Last month, our Chief Product Officer Mike showed you 5 New Men’s Shoes You Should Get This Spring, showcasing some hot men’s shoe styles from classic brands and some from newcomers on the block. Never being one to ignore the female perspective, Mike wanted to give our Whiskers Lady Lacers the same shoe style guide treatment! With the help of his stylish daughter Quinn, we present 5 New Women’s Shoes You Should Get This Summer! Enjoy :)


As I mentioned in my first style guide, my name is Mike Gossett, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Whiskers, and I’ve been in the footwear industry for 25+ years. I keep my ear to the proverbial shoe ground for new styles, trends, and the hottest new shoes on the block. As a man, however, I will admit a bit of bias on my shoe preferences. One of the many benefits of having a wonderful 20 year old daughter is that she keeps this old guy dialed in on what shoes she just HAS to have next. As much as she keeps me dialed in on the womens’ shoe trends, I knew I needed to recruit her for this style guide to really do it right. So with the help of my very stylish daughter Quinn, we put together 5 shoes that will add something extra special to your closet this summer, and some beautiful new kicks to sport your Whiskers Laces in. Click any of the shoe names below to shop them online.



This clean white sneaker is a must-have in your closet. They go with everything – especially denim – and look so clean and crisp. These are the perfect fresh upgrade to those old Stan Smiths that need a new shiny white replacement. These are great with shorts or jeans and are perfect for summertime adventures. Veja is a small French brand that is just nailing the clean sneaker look. The V-10 is a court-inspired shoe with real, sustainable, Uruguayan leather. Recycled ingredients are used in both the midsole and the insole for a super environmentally friendly shoe. Here at Whiskers, that is of utmost importance to us, and with our laces in a pair of Vejas, you can feel great about your literal environmental footprint. Shown here with Whiskers 54” Electric Green All Pro® Laces.


Retro running is trending hard right now, and this is a new take on an old classic. Inspired by the 70’s, this modern take of a classic runner is the pinnacle of New Balance’s women’s shoe offering. Coming to you in a simple nylon and suede upper with an oversized N, the classic wedge midsole, and a rubber herringbone outsole, this classic look makes a powerful statement. When you want to shape it up a little and mix it up from white leather, the 237 has you covered with its wonderful silhouette for the summer. We paired this Gray/Lavender 237 with our Tangerine All Pro® Laces and we absolutely love this combo. So fresh and so fun.



With the “14” denotation after Ghost, you know this isn’t a new one. What you have here is a tried and true running shoe that never disappoints. Where you’re walking, running, or hiking, this shoe is nothing short of amazing. The fit is perfect, the cushioning is remarkable and the feel is superb. The Brooks team in Seattle is leading the pack when it comes to running shoes, so if you need a pair of runners that are just as comfortable in a dead sprint as they are walking around, give the Ghost 14’s a shot. Our Garnet & Light Blue Flat Ticked Sneaker Laces look amazing in the simple gray Ghosts. It is so fun to see what a simple pair of laces can do to a simple shoe.


Another great shoe by the Swedish brand, On. If you need an all-purpose shoe to work out in, walk the dog in, or just to feel awesome in, the Cloudnova is for you. The Cloudtec has amazing underfoot comfort and the upper hugs your foot perfectly. It was love at first sight for me (and Quinn) with these shoes, and with these in your closet, it may be hard for any other shoe to make the rotation. Shown here with an extra pop of color from our Peach & Fuchsia Flat Ticked Sneaker Laces.


By now, I’m sure you’re aware that Lululemon has been rocking the apparel game for years. Their premium design and attention to detail has created a seriously loyal following. It was just a matter of time before they got into the footwear game, and in March of 2022, they did not disappoint with the Blissfeel. It sold out online on its very first day, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, most companies just take a popular men’s shoe and put women’s colors on it. In the shoe industry, we called this the “shrink it and pink it” move, which totally ignores the needs of a woman’s foot. But Lulu did not go this route. They analyzed women’s feet and came up with a lasting design that meets the needs of a woman’s foot. They have obsessed over the details in the performance of every aspect. This debut is certainly something worth checking out. We wanted to keep their wonderful blue feel going so we paired the Light Blue & Black Flat Ticked Sneaker Laces with their Waterdrop colorway. So fresh, so clean.