Ah, March. The month of green everything. Spring is coming, and with it comes green beer, green clothes, green nature, and this year, green laces. We’ve had this color combo in our pot of gold for a while now and we knew this would be the perfect time to unleash it upon the world. Introducing Sage Green & Dark Green Braided Shoelaces.

Green hasn’t always been the color of life, funky tasting beer, and seasonal renewal. One particular shade of green (not used in this combo) was thought to be responsible for the death of Napoleon, before they knew making colors with heavy amounts of arsenic was a bad thing. “Sage” is typically used to refer to a profoundly wise person with good judgment. So if you need to look smart and immediately instill trust in others, these babies have got you covered (unless you’re a stinky lying liar).

We LOVE this combo. It brings a nice splash of green into your wardrobe in an understated and stylish way and looks absolutely bonkers on a pair of brown or black shoes. The Sage Green combined with the tonal Dark Green pop accents extremely well with just about anything. You can’t go wrong with this stylish & seasonal new release.

Sage Green & Dark Green Braided Laces - the color combo fit for an emperor, minus the arsenic.