The Whiskers
Rewards Program

Our loyalty program is our way of showing appreciation. When you’re in, you get all the perks. This is your all-access pass to exclusive Whiskers rewards.

So how does it work?

Earning Points

Earn points when you complete activities such as referring a friend.

  • Credit Card

    Make a purchase 5 points per $1

  • Create Account 50 points

  • Hand loose hand sign

    Refer a friend 250 points

  • Facebook logo

    Like us on Facebook 25 points

  • Instagram logo

    Follow us on Instagram 25 points

Redeeming for rewards

Cash in your points when you’re ready for rewards and products.

  • Whiskers Rewards Ticket

    $5 voucher 250 points

  • Whiskers Rewards Ticket

    $10 voucher 500 points

  • Whiskers Rewards Ticket

    $15 voucher 750 points

Lion biting the aglets on a Whiskers lace.
Chatter teeth pulling weave.