Blue & Light Blue Striped

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  • Aglet Color:



Blue & light blue striped dress shoelaces with silver tips. Blue plus blue. Tone plus tone. Stripes plus stripes. This is basically the Fibonacci Series of shoelaces.

      Lace Details

      • 33” in length (Standard for most dress shoes. Ideal for 4-5 pairs of shoeholes).
      • Made of super strong nylon/poly weave.
      • Sold as a pair! C’mon, 1 lace would just be plain evil.
      • Hand doing the OK Sign. Whiskers offers free returns and exchanges.
        Free and easy returns and exchanges. So no pressure, you got this.
      Spool animated pulling a lace around it.

      The Storage Spool

      We know you’ll be getting more than one pair, and keeping them tidy can get pretty intense. So our pairs of laces come wrapped around their own spool for maximum storage power.

      Overhead shot of shoes with Whiskers Laces

      Why only get 1 pair of laces?

      Since 1 pair simply isn’t enough, enjoy free shipping on orders over $25!