A little while back in our hometown of Delray Beach, Florida, we had one of those “this is definitely meant to be” moments. By chance, we met Michelle Drummond, a Mixed Media Fiber artist from Jamaica who settled down in Delray Beach to dive into her craft of making 2D and 3D art pieces out of strings. As soon as we met, we both knew we HAD to do something together.

We gave Michelle some ideas, a big box of shoestrings, and let her run wild with our laces and her creativity. The end result was the AMAZING piece you see above, made from a variety of Whiskers Laces to create a vibrant, colorful palette that Michelle says represents her people and her upbringing in Jamaica. Michelle and her art – this piece in particular – represent the endless strive for unique self-expression that we encourage in all of you with our shoelaces, the constant goal to live #KnotOrdinary.

In the video below, we sit down with Michelle in our first podcast-style interview to discuss more about her story, her art, and her process as she created this bespoke 3D piece out of Whiskers Laces. Check it out!