Since we started tightly nestling our laces around wooden spools, we’ve seen some serious creativity from our customers in how they store their laces. We’ve seen everything from mini art-deco pieces to entire closet rack installs to show off their threads of self-expression. In light of these DIY heroes, we decided to put our noggins together and come up with a unique and easy DIY spool/shoelace storage system for anyone at home. So slap on that tool belt, and unless your name is Dale Doback, get ready to bust out some power tools.

By power tools, we mean just one power tool: a drill. All you’ll need is a wooden board (6 ½ in. x 2 ¼ in. x 1 ⅛ in.), five ¼ in. dowels, a Fiver Box, your drill, a ¼ in. drill bit, and some (but not required) skills. This at-home project should take you no more than an hour, and you’ll have the perfect little display/storage piece for your collection of Whiskers Laces. Check out the final result below, and keep on scrolling for the plan sheet and a how-to video. Whiskers on.


The board to fit inside your Fiver Box is 2 ¼ W x 6 1/2” L. Middle of the board is 1 1/8” thick. 

Mark a hole at these marks ¾ in., 2 in., 3 ¼ in., 4 ½ in., and 5 ¾ in. down the horizontal centerline of the board (1 ⅛ in.)

Use ¼ in. drill bit to drill holes at each of the marks you just made, and insert your five ¼ in. dowels in each hole. Place the board inside your Fiver Box and BOOM. You have yourself the coolest decoration in your closet.

Plan sheet for constructing the storage base:

If you want to check out the video of us making one at home, click the video link below: