How much time have you spent cleaning your house/apartment lately? Have you color-coded your sweaters and shoes yet? If so, BOY do we have an activity for you.


If you wear laces that are any color other than brown or black, you’ll notice one thing: they eventually get filthy. And when you’re rocking some colored and patterned Whiskers, that’s a YUGE no-no. Since you’re probably not leaving the house with your Whiskers on too often these days, now is the perfect time to clean those suckers. So get those cleaning paws ready, it’s scrubbin’ time (disclaimer: no scrubbing required).



A sink

A medium sized bowl

Dish soap or laundry detergent

One or more pairs of Whiskers

STEP-BY-STEP (or you know, just watch the video below)


Step 1: Unlace those filthy (or just slightly worn) laces from your shoes 

Step 2: Pour some warm water into a bowl 

Step 3: Squirt some soap (dish soap or laundry detergent works best) in the bowl

Step 4: Mix the water and soap the same way you mix your daily 4PM cocktail

Step 5: Throw your laces in the bowl and go make that cocktail you can’t stop thinking about since step 4

Sep 6: Take 10-15 minutes enjoying your drink, or watching the dirt melt off your laces, whichever you prefer… just let ‘em soak. 

Step 7: Take the laces out of the bowl, and rinse them off with cold water.

Step 8: Hang those bad boys to air dry – preferably somewhere that your dogs/cats/trained parrots can’t attack them.


Boom. Your laces are all clean and ready for their next public excursion… whenever that may be.