We love the wonderful people who decide to fill their boring shoe holes with our laces. In some small way, we know you’re like us. You like to add a little spice of weird in your life, because well, being normal is boring. And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Every once in awhile, we like to check in with some of our biggest fans. Here’s a little convo with one of our most avid Whiskers lovers, Clark B. He’s a high school teacher from Colorado with some serious shoe game. He had dozens of pairs of Whiskers before he even knew that one of his students was our Chief Product Officer’s daughter. Check out the full convo below, with some awesome (and adorable) shots of his collection.


Whiskers: So why Whiskers?

Clark B: I’ve been through all the different wardrobe upgrades. Socks, tie bars and pocket squares. It was a natural progression. But unlike other accessories, Whiskers has the ability to make old shoes feel new every time you switch up the laces. (And a good polish and shine.)

Whiskers: How do you wear them?

Clark B: Formal to casual, it doesn’t really matter. I put some purple laces in my black cap toes for a black-tie event to match my wife’s dress, but I also have green laces I wear with my boots on school spirit days. Dress pants, chinos, or jeans. Cap toes, wingtips, derby’s, or boots. They work all around. Hoping to see some boat shoe laces soon. My Sperry’s need an upgrade.


Whiskers: How often do you switch them out?

Clark B: Switching depends. I have a few laces that I’ve found I love so much in a certain shoe I never switch them. Others I might switch every wear  When I’m coaching I get a little superstitious and might keep wearing a winning pair. My oldest son Quinton likes to be my fashion advisor. I’ll pick out my shirt and pants and he gets to pick the jacket, ties, socks, and laces. He does remarkably good for an 8-year-old.



Whiskers: How have Whiskers changed the way you dress?

Clark B: Not to brag, but I’ve always been a pretty good dresser, except for a few years in college. But Whiskers have added a new dimension. I can match things up for extra class, or go a little wild to make a statement. They’ve given me an additional way to show school spirit or support a cause. And they’ve brought life back to old shoes. Being on my feet all day, breaking in new shoes would be too painful. So even though I have shoes older than my students, you can’t tell.


Whiskers: Favorite pair?

Clark B: I love them all and it really depends on the shoe and outfit, but the Blue & Pink Striped are probably my go-to. I can make them work with just about everything and they just look great.