If you’ve perused our Golf Lace collection before, you’ve likely seen the distinction of “Classic” vs “Athletic”, as well as the different shapes between the two: round, oval, and flat. We know, it’s a little daunting having this many options, and we’re here to help.

Golf shoes come in all shapes and sizes and are progressively getting more modern and athletic every year. In order to accommodate the full gamut of golf shoes, we wanted to give you all as many options as possible to perfectly fit your shoe holes on the course. Here’s what you need to know:

Think your classic Footjoys and more traditional style golf shoes here. Stylistically, they more closely resemble dress shoes than the more modern golf shoes. These laces are all in the Classic Round shape and are shorter than the Athletic laces, in 33” for men and 30” for women*. These shoes typically have 4-5 eyelets, requiring shorter laces to keep those bunny ears and tag ends from floppin’ around on the course.


Think your Nikes, Pumas, modern New Balances, Adidas, and any of the new golf shoes that resemble athletic and running shoes here. These shoes usually have 5-6 eyelets and are a bit sleeker than traditional golf shoes. We make our Athletic laces in two shapes: Athletic Oval and Athletic Flat. They all come in lengths of 45” for men’s and 37” for women’s*, and the lace shape is purely for preference and personal style. The Ovals more closely match the laces in modern running shoes, which typically all have that oval shape to them. The Flats are just what they sound like, thin flat laces that resemble what most of the modern golf shoes have in them. They both perform equally well on the course and the distinction is purely for what you’re feeling in terms of style.

To make a long story short here’s a quick tip when shopping our Golf Collection: Classics are for more dress/traditional shoes, while Athletic are for your more sneaker-leaning golf shoes. We hope this helps, and if you have any further questions while shopping, please email us at hello@whiskerslaces.com! We’re always here to help you fill your boring shoe holes (well, at least during normal business hours... we have to let Julia have some kind of life).

*As a rule of thumb, all of the golf laces we sell for women’s shoes come a few inches shorter than the men’s lengths. This is to match the size of women’s shoes compared to your average men’s shoes. The distance between eyelets gets smaller as shoes get smaller, so the laces should be smaller to better fit them. If you’re shopping for kid’s shoes, those women’s sizes might fit a bit better (there’s no difference in pattern, just the length of the laces).