Breast Cancer Awareness 3-pack


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we proudly introduce the Breast Cancer Awareness 3-pack. Show your support in style with 25% of all pink lace proceeds going to charities supporting breast cancer awareness, research, and the search for a cure.

Laces Included:
- Solid Pink

- Pink & Blue Striped

- Pink, Blue & White Braided

*All laces are 33" in length

Lace Details

  • Made of super strong nylon/poly weave.
  • Sold as a pair! C’mon, 1 lace would just be plain evil.
  • Hand doing the OK Sign. Whiskers offers free returns and exchanges.
    Free and easy returns and exhanges. So no pressure, you got this.
Spool animated pulling a lace around it.

The Storage Spool

We know you’ll be getting more than one pair, and keeping them tidy can get pretty intense. So our pairs of laces come wrapped around their own spool for maximum storage power.

Overhead shot of shoes with Whiskers Laces

Why only get 1 pair of laces?

Since 1 pair simply isn’t enough, enjoy free shipping on orders over $25!